Welcome to families with children

From the youngest to the oldest, your children will receive special attention at La Buissière with suitable equipment, indoor and outdoor games, preferential rates for the little ones, and plenty of ideas to explore our beautiful region together with them. 

Childcare equipment

We provide free childcare equipment:

  • 1 small travel cot or your own crib, a cradle  can be arranged upon request.
  • Changing pad, baby and child high chairs, booster seats, bathtub  etc.

For  a child between 3 and 8 years old, an Ikea sofa bed is available .


NB: All extra beds are subject to availability

What can I do with the children?

  • In our welcome folder, you will find plenty of ideas to keep your little ones entertained: recreational centers, tourist attractions specially designed for them, walks, and even restaurants that offer a specific welcome to your children !
  • A cabinet with indoor and outdoor games awaits them.
  • Books suitable for their age, CD-books with Walt Disney stories (in French), and even DVD's.
  • And if the weather allows, they won't want to leave the swimming pool and its paddling pool.

An advantageous offer for families

La Buissière welcomes children up to 8 years old for free.

And for the youngest ones, still in small beds (up to 2 years old), it's completely free !


Why wait any longer to take advantage of it ?


Maximum capacity with children:

2 adults with a maximum of 1 child under 9 years old

4 adults with a maximum of 2 children under 9 years old (sofa bed and Ikea chair-bed)

5 adults with a maximum of 1 child under 9 years old (Ikea chair-bed)


All extra beds are subject to availability.