Hiking Trails and Nature Reserves

Hiking Trails

©  D. Sepulchre La Buissière Cottage, numerous walks can be done directly from the cottage through the countryside.
© D. Sepulchre La Buissière Cottage, numerous walks can be done directly from the cottage through the countryside.

Whether in the heart of the countryside, along the Meuse Valley, or the Molignée Valley, you can enjoy the beauty of rivers and landscapes at your own pace.

In our welcome folder, you will find all the routes, either already printed or available for download.


Some walks can be done directly from our cottage.


8 loop walks in Fernelmont, interconnected for a total of 90 km.

These walks allow you to reach each village in the municipality and are marked with color-coded signs indicating the walk number.


10 villages - 10 walks to discover the local heritage (Fernelmont-Wasseiges).

Local heritage includes chapels, farm porches, shrines, or remarkable buildings.


DIscover local producers

Take advantage of your walks to shop while discovering the region's producers ! Put on your walking boots or hop on your bike, and let's go!

Taste the 'Coq des prés,' the 'Bon Melon de Fernelmont,' apple juice and vegetables from the Ferme du Chant d'oiseaux, Petit-gris snails from the Ferme du Vieux-Tilleul, not forgetting the dairy products from the Ferme du Gros Maillet. All detailed routes are available on your mobile with the Cirkwi app. (Printed copies also available in the cottage)

Interactive and playful routes with children

If you're with family, you can also play the free games "A story to live and discover" starting from the Franc-Warêt estate to explore the village of Franc-Warêt through several interactive and playful routes. For ages 7 and up.

Totemus offers 3 treasure hunts in the region: Meeffe, Hingeon, and Bonneville.


"The Art Trails in Haltinne (Gesves) (21 km from La Buissière)

Long-distance hiking trail, the 'Art Trail in Condroz-Famenne,' covering nearly 155 km dotted with over 55 artworks in nature. It offers 19 family-friendly circuits allowing the discovery of several artworks on 4, 7, 12, 20, 45, 51 km.

It spans the municipalities of Assesse, Ciney, Gesves, Hamois, Havelange, Ohey, Somme-Leuze.

Route information available at the cottage.



The Condroz-Famenne Tourist Office has also developed 4 treasure hunts for families. Find clues, conduct investigations, take on challenges... with, of course, a treasure awaiting at the end !


The Samson Valley


In the Condroz in the Province of Namur, the village of Thon-Samson is nestled in a vibrant setting overlooking the valleys of the Meuse and the Samson.


The 'Promenade du Trou Perdu' (Thon Samson), starting at the church, is a superb walk that will introduce you to the village of Thon, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia.


One of the first villages to be listed on the exhaustive list of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia is also the village of Mozet, located on the southern slope of the picturesque Samson Valley. The landscape is composed of meadows, groves, and buildings constructed in the Condroz style with gray limestone and black slate from the region.



Other well-marked walks are also offered at la Buissière in the surrounding villages of the valley.


The Meuse Valley


For the more adventurous, and not to be attempted in muddy conditions!


Above the Meuse River stands the massive, straight rock of Marche-les-Dames. During this adventurous and challenging walk, you will traverse it with beautiful views of the Meuse. After a stretch through the forest, you descend to the Abbey of Marche-les-Dames, where you can visit the abbey garden.


A more accessible and shorter version, 8 km, is offered by Explore Meuse.


N'hésitez pas à aller voir le site de Explore Meuse qui propose 14 promenades de gare en gare

Nature Reserves


The nature park offers 18 marked walks!

From 45 minutes to 4 hours, suitable for all levels, with some specifically designed for families with children.

Hikers can enjoy diverse walks amid exceptional fauna and flora, with numerous sites classified as 'Natura 2000,' the European network of remarkable biodiversity sites. More information here.

Feel free to take your car to reach the starting point of one of them.

Bring along the explanatory leaflet for the walk (available in the cottage or downloadable) and explore stunning and varied landscapes !



A  natural site covering 80 hectares, the Sclaigneaux Nature Reserve is located on the heights of Seilles, 6 km from La Buissière.



It is an area of remarkable ecological interest;

  • Featuring flora adapted to environments rich in lead and zinc, including several species of orchids;
  • Abounding in insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.
  • During the tourist season, Natagora conducts guided tours at the Reserve.

The Sclaigneaux Nature Reserve, considered 'one of the most interesting in the country,' is classified and included in the NATURA 2000 areas.


GPS coordinates: 50.502487, 5.071485


To learn more, see the dedicated article on our blog.


© D.Sepulchre Blog Gîte de La Buissière, les promenades, la réserve naturelle de Sclaigneaux
© D.Sepulchre Blog Gîte de La Buissière, les promenades, la réserve naturelle de Sclaigneaux


The settling ponds of Hollogne-sur-Geer are a paradise for multiple bird species. Bring your binoculars! Heavily frequented by ornithologists, sometimes coming from afar, the location has already recorded no less than 215 bird species.

An observatory has been built for bird enthusiasts to observe them without disturbing.


A wonderful walk in this paradise for nesting, migratory, or wintering birds.


More information on our blog

© D.Sepulchre Blog Gîte de La Buissière, Discover on foot, The Nature Reserve Haut-Geer
© D.Sepulchre Blog Gîte de La Buissière, Discover on foot, The Nature Reserve Haut-Geer